Amish Should Clean Up Their Horse Waste

To the Readers’ Forum:

Why can’t the Amish be required to pick up their horse manure instead of leaving it on the roads and in front of driveways and the mailboxes of their neighbors? The Amish are being very disrespectful and causing unsanitary conditions. It doesn’t rain every time they leave their piles of manure behind so it is ground into the road by cars and trucks causing traffic hazards and stink. Also, it takes a rain storm to wash that stuff off the road.

People are required to pick up after their dogs, so why not horses who leave a vast amount of waste. People are unable to walk or bike with this amount of litter on our roads and must navigate around piles putting them in danger of being hit by traffic.

Homeowners should not have to have the Amish barnyard at their property to clean up. How about some common sense and require the Amish to pick up their unwanted horse manure.

Marcia Walker