Facebook Lawnmower Post Angers Residents

Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore has been hearing from a lot of angry residents regarding a Facebook post that has been passed around claiming a new law will require all lawn mowers to be inspected annually beginning in August of 2015.

On its face, the post appears legitimate with a picture of a New York State Lawn Mower Inspection sticker and a list of criteria for lawn mowers to pass inspection. The post, however, is a spoof.

“Unfortunately, New Yorkers are taxed and regulated at every turn it seems so the spoof regarding a new law to have lawn mowers inspected seemed to many area residents like it could be legitimate,” said Barmore. “Just to be sure it was a hoax, I did contact our state lawmakers who affirmed it is indeed false.”

The Facebook post is very detailed and outlines the criteria for inspection which includes:

“The deck and or blade housing must be solid and rust free; the blades and shaft have to be in good condition (not bent or wobbly); the wheels and or tires have to have at least .75″ of tread on them and wheel bearings can not have more than .30″ of free play; the engine must run at less than 85db. sound level; the blade brake and safety kill switch must function to specification; and the operator of the equipment must wear all OSHA approved safety gear (safety glasses, hearing protection, and proper steel toe safety shoes).”

The post also goes on to say the fee for the inspection is $10 and will be performed at any automotive service station currently licensed to perform motor vehicle inspections. It also states the fine will be $50 with a $30 surcharge and unpaid tickets will result in the seizure of the equipment.

“We had people contacting our office upset about this ‘new law’ and I can understand after seeing the post how some could believe it may be true, but as of yet, nothing like this is being considered,” said Barmore. “Let’s just hope this spoof didn’t give anyone any ideas.”