Man Breaks Free Of Attempted Car Jacking, Armed Robbery In Randolph

RANDOLPH – Two suspects involved in an attempted car jacking and armed robbery Thursday morning in Randolph are still at large.

According to Captain Eric J. Balon of the New York State Police, the incident occurred shortly after 6 a.m. when a male victim – whose name and address were not released – was traveling to work along Coldspring Road.

While en route, he noticed what appeared to be a broken down van on the side of the road. A black man was outside the van, apparently fixing a tire.

“The victim stops, approaches the van … and as he approaches, the black man stands up, displays a knife and demands the victim’s wallet and car keys,” Balon said. “The victim does not comply and they get into a scuffle. The victim breaks free and gets into his car, while the (suspect) jumps back into the van and takes off.”

The suspect is described as a skinny black man with no facial hair and about 5 feet 10 inches tall. He was wearing a black hoodie and a New York Yankees baseball cap.

The van was reportedly being driven by a heavy-set, white female with long brown hair.

The van is described as a black, Dodge minivan, with Pennsylvania tags and a red peace sign on the back window. It was last seen going down Ireland Road off of Coldspring Road.

“This is the first (attempted car jacking) I’ve seen in a long time,” Balon said. “They’re not that common.”

Balon indicated that all area police departments have been notified of the wanted suspects.