Ken Hopkins and Art Mitchell won three games in the Chautauqua Lake Men’s Senior Horseshoe Club League.

Hopkins had games of 88 points with 11 ringers, 85 points with 10 ringers and 84 points with nine ringers while Mitchell recorded stepladder games of 82, 83 and 84 points with a total of 21 ringers.

Carl Carey pitched a high game of 101 points with 18 ringers and Topper Westerdahl added 93 points with 14 ringers.

Larry Piazza delivered 93 points with 13 ringers and 84 points with 10 ringers while Kurt vonKliest had 94 points with 28 ringers and recorded 84 ringers for three games.

Don McCray had 87 points with 15 ringers and 82 points with 12 ringers.

Ron Rose delivered 84 and 82 points with 14 ringers.

Ralph Whitney had games of 83 points with eight ringers and 80 points with six ringers.

Steve Anderson delivered 78 and 75 points with eight ringers each game.

Dick Franzen had 84 points with six ringers, Dave Evanzick 82 points with five ringers and Otis Blakeslee 43 ringers for his three games.

Piazza, vonKliest, McCray, Rose, Whitney and Anderson won two games.