Committee Members Deserve Praise

To The Reader’s Forum:

I feel compelled to add a bit to Katie Atkins’ article in The Post-Journal dated July 5, 2014.

While Ms. Atkins’ article spoke of the “festivities” held in Mayville, including the presence of politicians and the adorable outfits worn by the sweet children, I feel acknowledgement should be made to the dedicated Committee Members of Mayville who made this all happen. Without their years’ worth of preparing, planning, holding fund raisers where they work again feeding us on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc, and hours of selfish dedication, this wonderful day could not have been a success for thousands to enjoy.

The Good Lord should be thanked first for giving us the beautiful day. The Committee Members must pray very hard for good weather after all their hours of work, and they were blessed with bright skies and sunshine on this Fourth of July 2014.

As a returning resident of Mayville, after over 40 years away, I want to personally thank each and every one of the committee and, in fact, the whole village of Mayville, for the support and efforts in making the day so perfect.

Acknowledgement from me personally goes to: Tim Jacobson, chairman; Rita Jacobson, Chris Cooper, Angie Bolender, Bert Rosage, Cody and Danielle Jacobson, Laurie Gilbert, Beth Sacilowski and Matt Ward. Also a special thank you to all the volunteers that handled traffic, crowd control, balloon selling, etc. The old saying of “It Takes a Village” is true and the above small group of folk is the “cream of the crop.”

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Maddux