Area Police Reports


Matthew E. Stebbins Sr., 38, of Jamestown was charged Tuesday with endangering the welfare of a child. At 11 a.m., police responded to a report of a young child wandering around the area of Maple Street near Everett Avenue. A concerned citizen called 911 after observing the child allegedly walking around in only a diaper with no parental supervision. After nearly two hours, police received a phone call from the child’s mother stating that her child was missing. Investigation revealed that the child was left in the care of Stebbins. The child allegedly managed to get out of the residence while Stebbins was sleeping. Stebbins was transported to city jail without incident. Police notified Child Protection Services who assisted the investigation. The child was unharmed and returned to his mother.


Becky L. Donisi, 34, of Jamestown was charged Tuesday with three counts of petit larceny. Over a two-year time frame, Donisi, a caregiver for a Lakewood resident, allegedly filled a prescription narcotic belonging to the resident without his permission. Donisi was charged after further investigation.

Brady M. Griffin, 32, of Jamestown was charged Sunday with petit larceny and criminal mischief. At 6:06 p.m., Griffin was observed allegedly removing a pair of FUBU gym shoes from their box, placing them on his feet and leaving the area. Griffin waited outside in the parking lot with a friend. Police arrived on scene and located Griffin wearing the shoes. He will appear in Busti Court at a later date.

Teresa M. Greenawalt, 50, of Panama was charged Tuesday with issuing a bad check after she allegedly wrote a check for merchandise to Valu Home Center. The check was returned to the store for non-sufficient funds.