U.S. Flag Makes Trip To Guam Thanks To Carlos

To The Reader’s Forum:

I’d like to acknowledge my appreciation for a gift my husband and I received in the mail from Pete and Mary Ann Carlo, residents in your hometown. About two months ago we received a U.S. flag from the Carlos all the way from Jamestown, New York. My husband and I live on Guam, so the effort it took for Pete and Mary Ann was a very generous, thoughtful and time consuming one.

I understand that these outstanding citizens donate U.S. flags to various schools, business and organizations, so my husband Perry and I felt privileged to be amongst the recipients of such an honorable gift. My husband served our country in the Vietnam War as a combat tracker and my father, who was originally from Chicago, served in the Korean War.

I met Pete and Mary Ann Carlo while island-hopping in Hawaii. I was visiting my sons, who live in Kauai, and they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Our meeting was short but in the 20 minutes it took to fly from Oahu to Kauai we became friends for life. I am proud to know such beautiful, friendly and caring people from Jamestown, New York.

Perry and Lou Taitano

Hagatna, Guam