Ron Rose was the lone three-game winner in the Chautauqua Lake Senior Men’s Horseshoe League.

Rose fired games of 82, 78 and 75 points with 16 ringers.

Don McCray won 2 games with games of 87 points with 14 ringers and games of 77 and 76 points with 10 ringers in each game.

Ken Hopkins had games of 82 and 78 points with 13 ringers, Carl Carey games of 88 points with 11 ringers and two games of 79 points with eight ringers in each game.

Dave Evancik delivered a high game of 81 points with three ringers, Larry Piazza games of 80 points with 11 ringers and 73 points with eight ringers.

Mike Shannon had two games of 73 points with six ringers for three games.

Hopkins, Carey, Evancik, Piazza and Shannon won two games.