Jamestown Container Adds Electronic Inventory

Though common in other industries, electronic inventory management has yet to be offered to users of corrugated packaging – until now.

Jamestown Container has introduced electronic vendor managed inventory, a solution that replenishes boxes automatically as customers use them, delivering only the specific quantities they need. Based on software developed exclusively for Jamestown Container, eVMI is available to customers at no additional cost.

To demonstrate the potential of eVMI, the company is offering a free, no-obligation packaging inventory analysis. To learn more or to register, customers should visit or call 855-254-4054.

“Our eVMI solution is unique for several important reasons,” said Bill Madl, director of marketing and product development. “We use proprietary software. Customers make no upfront investment. The service itself is free. And because it’s completely automated, it’s extremely easy to use.”

Jamestown Container’s eVMI provides significant bottom-line benefits. Customers get the boxes they need, when they need them and only what they need, so they no longer need to maintain a stockpile. This enables them to reduce their inventory investment and maximize their cash flow. The cost of scrapping dirty, damaged or obsolete packaging is also greatly reduced. With less space needed for storage, valuable square footage can be put to more productive use. And with less manpower devoted to expediting and chasing inventory, managers have more time to run their business and focus on their core competencies.

“It all adds up to increased profitability,” Madl said.

Once eVMI is set up, customers scan barcodes and stock is replenished as it’s depleted. Specifications such as minimum and maximum usage levels, buffer sizes and lead times are determined in advance. Reports, which include order status and scheduled deliveries, are provided regularly. Because eVMI is an online solution, there is no software to install and no hardware to purchase. The sole requirement is a computer with Internet access.

“Alfred Publishing has been using Jamestown Container’s eVMI system for more than two years and we really love the time it saves with our carton packaging management,” said Douglas Przybyla, receiving manager. “We no longer have to physically go to the warehouse to do inventory, and the space made available in our facility was much needed. I would recommend Jamestown’s eVMI and their staff who are always very friendly and prompt with service.”

“We get great service,” said Tim Towne, president of Holli-Pac. “The eVMI program they set up for us monitors usage and replenishes supplies automatically. Jamestown never lets us run out of containers. Now we spend less time on boxes and more time on running the business.”

Founded in 1956, Jamestown Container is a full-service provider of cost-effective packaging solutions ranging from corrugated stock boxes and shipping supplies to custom packaging and displays.