Southwestern Presents Schneiderman’s Triple ‘C’ Award Winners

Hannah Finson and Derek Miller are Southwestern Middle School’s recipients for this year’s Triple “C” award.

The faculty nominates students who have shown “Character, Courage and Commitment” throughout their middle school years. Finson and Miller were honored at the Southwestern Middle School awards assembly June 5.

The Triple “C” award is given by Eric T. Schneiderman, state attorney general. It is his hope that, as attorney general, he will be able to do even more to encourage young people to fulfill their potential. One of the ways he is doing this is by continuing the Triple “C” awards program which recognizes the “Character, Courage, and Commitment” of New York’s hard-working students.

Finson and Miller have demonstrated these Triple Cs, according to school officials, by being role models for other students and showing a positive attitude and kindness toward their peers. Both are honor students and have received several awards during their middle school careers.