Residents Of Jamestown: We Can Help Stop Crime

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have been listening to friends and neighbors as well as reading Facebook postings lately about how tired our residents are of the crime in our city.

Well I am tired of it too and I have a suggestion. We need to get involved and set up Neighborhood Watch Groups all over our city. I was involved in one for over two years when I lived in Fort Worth, Texas. During that two-year period our participation helped to get two drug houses closed and home invasion, vandalism and car break-ins were reduced to almost nothing.

Neighborhood Watch works. It is easy to do, you can look it up on the internet under Jamestown Neighborhood Watch or you can contact the Jamestown Police Department. There is also a meeting on July 16th at 6 p.m.on the Fourth Floor of City Hall. I plan to attend that meeting.

We cannot expect that our police can be everywhere all the time. They are doing a good job, but that is impossible. If we truly want things to change then we need to get involved, we can do it one neighborhood at a time.

So my challenge is for people to get involved and I will see you on the 16 at the meeting.

Denise Priestman