Jamestown Native To Hold Album Release Party Saturday

GREENHURST – A North Carolina man with local roots will be returning to the area this weekend to host a CD release party for his newest work.

Randy DiMaio, a Jamestown native who lives in Asheville, North Carolina, will be at Steener’s Pub on Sunday to debut his third album, “10,000sf Candy Store.”

DiMaio, who is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, has released three EPs over the past decade. Although he no longer lives in the Jamestown area, he said he makes an annual return visit to the area and wanted to have the release of “10,000sf Candy Store” to coincide with this year’s visit.

“I still have some family here, so I come back to visit them about once a year,” he said. “I just released the record (online) last week, and was going to be in the area anyway, so I hooked up with Steener’s for an official release party.”

The album consists of five rock-based, guitar-driven instrumental songs. DiMaio said he drew heavily upon his artistic influences such as Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson when writing the songs that would become “10,000sf Candy Store.” He said this is a common theme when he writes his songs, as each of his albums takes on a decidedly different tone.

“What I’m doing now is releasing EPs because the first couple of records were pretty diverse unto themselves; there was some pop and jazz and softer stuff,” DiMaio said. “So, (as a songwriter), I decided to take a certain inspiration and build an EP around that. I think people will find this EP to be a little more rocking and raw than my previous ones.”

DiMaio said each track on the EP has its own individual personality, but that the highlights of the album include “Luddite’s Delight,” “Naughty Boy” and “With the Top Down.” Although the release party is planned to be largely a listening event, he said he has toyed with the idea of performing one or two of the aforementioned songs to a backing track.

The release party will be held Sunday from 7-9 p.m. at Steener’s Pub, which is located at 3022 Route 430 in Greenhurst. Hard copies of “10,000sf Candy Store” will be available for purchase.

The album is also available for purchase online at www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertdimaio, where it can be downloaded in MP3 format for $7.99 or a hard copy can be purchased for $9.99.