TEA Party Patriots Hold Monthly Meeting

Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots opened their June 24 at the Lakewood American Legion with a viewing of “Free Enterprise,” a Dennis Prager video reinforcing the principle that happiness and success come through an individual’s own hard work, free enterprise and earned rewards.

Congressman Trey Gowdy introduced the term “spoilation of evidence” to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen regarding lost Lois Lerner emails in a video members viewed. Gowdy stated that an “adverse inference” may be drawn by a jury when evidence is concealed or destroyed that would have been harmful to the agency doing the destroying. Members were urged to sign HJ Resolution 104 to repeal the 16th amendment, abolishing the IRS, at

“Meet the Ladies” introduced two women with powerful influence on education in New York state, joining others who ignored Rule of Law in supporting Common Core. In a surprise vote by the legislature, Josephine Victoria Finn, a judge from Monticello, was elected to the Board of Regents despite her lack of any background in education. She submitted her application one month after the deadline. “I like the Common Core and the way it was written,” she stated in her interview. She beat out candidates with stronger educational backgrounds.

State University of New York Chancellor Nancy Zimpher is worried about current high remediation rates for entering students. She spearheaded a coalition of 200 college presidents and state higher education leaders across the nation, all supporting Common Core standards. Without any multi-year data to reinforce her statement, she said: “The Common Core can reverse this alarming trend. Students who meet the Common Core standards will be prepared to enter our higher education institutions without the need for remediation. My fear is, if we start throwing in the towel now on Common Core, we won’t have another moment like this again.”

Zimpher receives an annual salary of $545,400. Under Education Law, Article 8, SUNY’s mission is: “provide to the people of New York educational services of the highest quality.” The question was raised: As an employee of state taxpayers, and operating under New York Constitution and Education Law, is it ethical for the chancellor to push Common Core on citizens when it is antithetical to our laws?

Russell Payne, candidate for Chautauqua County sheriff, spoke to members.