Meet ’N Greet

LAKEWOOD- Freshmen, faculty and staff mingled at the Chautauqua Mall’s food court in preparation for the Jamestown Business College fourth annual Freshmen Meet ‘n Greet.

About 100 college freshmen from Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Warren counties showed up at the Chautauqua Mall on Tuesday afternoon.

“We call it our Freshmen Meet ‘n Greet because we want students to get to know each other and know us better,” said Brenda Salemme, JBC director of admissions.

To facilitate this, faculty and staff members led small groups of students around the mall in a scavenger hunt. According to Salemme, students needed to search for a list of items in stores from taking photos of manikins outside of Old Navy to finding something small within the stores themselves. The students earned points for each item on their list found, and the group with the most points won gift cards for JBC merchandise.

“Part of it too is some of our students aren’t directly from Jamestown,” Salemme said. “So, we make them aware of the stores in the area – which is really good for the mall, whether they are shopping or looking for jobs.”

The idea came when JBC noticed a large time gap between graduation and freshman orientation. An employee suggested a scavenger hunt, and the idea blossomed from there. Students can also bring friends with them, and Salemme said these friends sometimes end up coming to JBC as well.