Phone Scams Target Catt. Co. Residents

Multiple phone scams are reportedly targeting residents of Cattaraugus County.

According to police, one of the scams involves someone claiming to be from the so-called Federal Investigation Agency. The scammer informs the victim that he or she owes a significant amount of money for back taxes and that a warrant has been obtained for the victim’s arrest. Only by settling the debt over the phone will the warrant be rescinded.

A second scam involves someone claiming to be from a utility company. The scammer threatens to shut off the victim’s gas and electric service if they don’t make a payment over the phone.

The scammers are said to be very aggressive and abound in technical words to sound credible.

They instruct the victims to purchase prepaid MoneyPaks or Green Dot cards from local stores and give out the pin numbers.

The Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office advises residents to use extreme caution when giving out personal information over the phone or via text message and email.