Natural Gas Is Not The Enemy

To The Reader’s Forum:

As a concerned grandfather, father, husband, landowner, and taxpayer, I have dedicated myself to study and learn as much about gas and oil, extraction, and fracking. It first started as an interest in the use of compressed natural gas, or CNG, in automobiles. Most of the studies I have read about concerning CNG, show that when set up properly is 100 percent efficient and leaves nothing but H2O in the atmosphere. I currently work for one of the largest producers of natural gas in New York state. I have had the privilege to work with CNG engines. My company paid me to take one of our used well tending vehicles and convert a gas guzzling, high carbon dioxide producing engine into a clean burning, affordable means of transportation.

CNG is not a new invention; engineers have been making strides in technology. Chevy and Ford are doing their part in this technology. This is what concerns me because a group of people, mostly uninformed politicians, are holding on to a moratorium to stop the production of natural gas in New York state.

Another advantage in working for an energy company is the experience that my wife and I shared in the debating of fracking. It did not take us very long to realize that no matter how safe fracking is there will always people telling us how bad it is, rumors of poisons, polluted water, earthquakes, and so on. As I attended all the meeting and debates, I heard the one-sided horror stories from people that do not live near or around us. When we asked for proof of their claims they could not deliver. One of the public meetings that we attended was cut short by a renowned teacher and so-called professor of JCC met us at the door to inform us that our kind was not welcome there. I think maybe, for just a moment, he thought he was governor of New York state. Our kind??? Must have meant parents,grandparents, landowners, or taxpayers. Maybe he knew; by my fourwheel-drive pickup, that we were gun owners. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that we have all the wonderful clean energy that God has provided for us. What we need from the government is a format to help keep the production safe, clean and affordable. Maybe reward companies for trying to make a better way of life for the people.

Renewable energy is coming, but it is completely impossible to produce without our gas and oil resources. That I am sure of.

Donald Beaujean