Salamanca Area Kiwanis Hands Out Student Awards

SALAMANCA – Awards totalling $2,700 were recently handed out to graduating seniors by the Salamanca Area Kiwanis Club.

“The scholarships given are named in honor of deceased Kiwanis members who made a positive impact on our community,” said Kevin Burleson, Kiwanis vice president.

They included seven awards to Salamanca High School students and community service-based awards to one student at Ellicottville and Randolph schools.

Scholarships presented were:

Kiwanis John Clarke Business Award: Alex Salter

Kiwanis Judge Thomas Kelly English Award: Matthew Crandall

Kiwanis Gilbert Krause Music Award: Hannah Shurilla

Kiwanis Lonnie Crosby BOCES Award: Mackenzie Riggs

Kiwanis Ned Fenton Jr. Retail Award: Michael Coolidge

Kiwanis William O. Valent Teaching Award: Paul Luce

Kiwanis Carl Zaprowski Journalism Award: Alicia Meek

Salamanca Kiwanis Club annual RCS Community Service Scholarship: Chantel Thomas

Salamanca Kiwanis Club annual ECS Community Service Scholarship: Gwendolyn Brow

The Ellicottville awards were presented at the school’s graduation. The other awards were handed out at a dinner held Tuesday at Myers Hotel in Salamanca that included seven of the honorees and their parents and guests.

Each student was presented $300 and a certificate following a brief speech given by Kiwanis members about the deceased member the scholarship was named after.

“These men had a significant impact on Salamanca and our community members through their lives and their service with Kiwanis. It is nice once a year to remember their accomplishments,” said Burleson. “The awards given to an Ellicottville senior, and for the first time to a Randolph student, promote and recognize a core Kiwanis concept -community service.”