Windmueller To Hold Book Signing This Week

CHAUTAUQUA-The Everett Jewish Life Center, located at Chautauqua Institution, will host author and educator Dr. Steven Windmueller on Monday and Tuesday. Windmueller is the author of the recently published book, “The Quest for Power,” an exploration of the elements, real and imagined, that have shaped and defined Jewish power, politics and practice throughout history.

During his appearances at the Everett Center, Windmueller will discuss the interplay between identity politics and American life. His lecture on Monday, “From Tea Party to J Street,” examines the reinvention of American Jewish political behavior from its inception in 1654 to present day voting habits.

On Tuesday, Windmueller will address the evolution of American Jewish institutional life and what it means for 21st century Jewry with his lecture “The American Jewish Revolution is Underway.” An author question-and-answer session and book signing will follow both events.

Tickets to both lectures are free. There is, however, a grounds fee to enter Chautauqua Institution. Day passes are available for purchase at the main gate and cost $22 (for admittance from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.) or $14 (from noon-8 p.m.). Parking is not included.

The Everett Center is located at 36 Massey Ave. For more information about Chautauqua, call 357-6250 or email the Everett Center at

Copies of Windmueller’s book “The Quest for Power: A Study in Jewish Political Behavior and Practice” will be available for purchase at both events.

The book is also available for purchase through Amazon and Amazon Kindle.