Trap Leagues

Vern Brown and Danny Ficarra fired perfect scores of 59s as Westfield prevailed over Big Tree, 326-325, in the Western Chautauqua County Trap League recently.

For Westfield, Don Munson had the top senior veteran score with a 47, Nathan Ottaway the top junior with a 47, Austin Davis the leading sub junior with a 40, Hilarie Norton the high lady with a 36 and Ray Biekert the top veteran with a 33.

Will Ortman, Cole Holthouse and Owen Jones had 48s to lead Big Tree. Holthouse’s score was the top junior total.

Cliff Hammer was the top veteran with a 47, Joey Rapela was the leading sub junior score with a 45, Ted Okerlund was the top veteran with a 43 and the high lady was Vicki Rapela with a 43 for Big Tree.

Howard Maille shot a 48 when Ripley downed Ellery, 316-302.

Jim Carris fired a 46 for the top veteran, Sandie Newhouse a 44 for the high lady, Desi Adams a 41 for the high junior and Mike Boll Jr. a 38 for the high sub junior.

Ron Harmon and Tom Bihler drilled a 46 for Ellery, which had Bradley Bihler and Alan Harding with 43s for the best junior scores and Debbie Lineman a 24 for the high lady total.

WESTFIELD (335): Vern Brown 50, Danny Ficarra 50, Vince Norton 48, Mike Munson 47, Don Munson 47, Nathan Ottaway 47, Kevin Sturzenbecker 46, Hilarie Norton 36, Austin Davis 40, Ray Biekert 33.

BIG TREE (326): Will Ortman 48, Cole Holthouse 48, Owen Jones 48, Cliff Hammer 47, Joey Rapela 45, Karl Specht 45, Mark Holthouse 45, Vicki Rapela 43, Joey Rapela 45, Ted Okerklund 43.

ELLERY (302): Ron Harmon 46, Tom Bihler 46, Randy Lineman 45, Rob Graham 43, Bradley Bihler 43, Alan Harding 43, Don Johnson 36, Debbie Lineman 24.

RIPLEY (316): Howard Maille 48, Ernie Newhouse 46, Jim Carris 46, Mark Henry 46, Sandie Newhouse 44, Bill Sinclair 43, Scott Hulings 43, Desi Adams 41, Mike Boll Jr. 38.

– – –

Kalbfus and Brokenstraw are tied for the top spot with 10 points and Pine Grove is next with nine points going into the last week of the first half of Warren County Trap League season.

Kalbfus defeated Tidioute, 345-343; and Brokenstraw edged Pine Grove, 342-340; while Sugar Grove I outlasted Sugar Grove II, 338-316; and Corry took care of Sheffield, 335-167, with the latter having only four shooters.

Denny Joy, Chuck Loomis and Michael McDunn had 50s for Kalbfus, Allen Henry and Gail Henderson for Brokenstraw, Kevin Sturzenbecker and Ray Lee for Pine Grove and Colton Black for Sugar Grove I.

McDunn of Kalbfus, Nate Zentz of Tidioute and Jarrett Brown of Sugar Grove II had their first 25s.

Joy, Henderson and Lee were the highest veteran scores with 50s, Joe Miller of Tidioute the highest super senior veteran with a 49, Brown the highest sub junior with a 49 and Elijah Trawick of Sugar Grove I the highest sub junior with a 49.

Tom Sleeman of Kalbfus, Dave Kingsley and Jerry Willett of Pine Grove had the highest senior veteran scores with 48s and Taylor Hansen of Tidioute the high lady with a 48.

KALBFUS (345): Denny Joy 50, Chuck Loomis 50, Michael McDunn 50, Otto Carl 49, John P. Foster 49, Rex Slocum 49, Doug Gray 48.

TIDIOUTE (343): Colby Case 49, Ken Anderson 49, Keith Miller 49, Joe Miller 49, Joel Stewart 49, Al Hansen 49, Ed Pennington 49.

BROKENSTRAW (342): Allen Henry 50, Gail Henderson 50, Curt Hollabaugh 49, Dan Morris 49, Rusty Luther 48, Mike Carrington 48, Bob Hanna 48.

PINE GROVE (340): Kevin Sturzenbecker 50, Ray Lee 50, Dave Anderson 49, Dave Kingsley 48, Jerry Willett 48, Bob Faga 48, William Gross 47.

SUGAR GROVE I (338): Colton Black 50, Elijah Trawick 49, Ethan Black 48, Kirk Decker 48, Jim Hannon 48, Scott Gustafson 48, Brill Morris 47.

SUGAR GROVE II (316): Jarrett Brown 49, Kevin Nicklaus 47, Bill Dallas 44, Ben Rouse 44, Brian Haner 44, Craig Darling 44, Paul Keppel 44.

CORRY (335): Ken Berkhous 49, Jamie Morton 49, Harold Linden 49, Greg Linden 48, Tage Grant 47, Chuck Geer 47, Mike Geer 46.

SHEFFIELD (167): Jeff Boutelle 45, Lee Heeter 43, Erica Boutelle 42, Al Hodge 37.

– – –

Three perfect scores were recorded in the Chautauqua County Trap League.

Gary Sickles Sr. led Randolph past Busti, 336-332, and Dave Kingsley’s 50 keyed Celoron over Carroll, 339-335.

Ken Anderson had a 50 for Carroll.

Sickles was the high super senior veteran while Kingsley the high senior veteran and Peterson the high veteran.

Dalton Becker of Celoron was the high sub junior with a 49, Andrew Hvizdzak of Randolph and Elijah Trawick of Busti were the high juniors with 48s, and Tiffany Decker was the high lady with a 47.

CELORON (339): Dave Kingsley 50, Dalton Becker 49, Dave Sanctuary 48, Brian Ecelberger 48, Paul McKotch 48, Russ Wingard 48, Kevin Nicklas 48.

CARROLL (335): Ken Anderson 50, Denny Corey 49, Ray Lee 49, Jim Nowacki 48, Chuck Travis 47, Ed McCullough 46, John P. Foster 46.

RANDOLPH (336): Gary Sickles Sr. 50, Bill Congdon 49, Skip Frazier 48, Andrew Hvizdzak 48, Jim Congdon 47, Cal Benson 47, Howard Arnold 47.

BUSTI (332): Scott McKotch 49, Elijah Trawick 48, Craig Broberg 48, Jim Kessler 47, Tiffany Decker 48, Brian Westerdahl 47, Ron Paddock 46.