Authoritative Abuse

To the Readers’ Forum:

The issue of police brutality making it into the headlines over and over again … high speed chases ending in injury or death now finds its way into the Departments of Environmental Conservation, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Exercising their muscle power in confiscating and seizing the 20 exotic animals from Jackie Wieniewski at the JNK’s wild Sanctuary in Sinclairville was rude, obnoxious and uncalled for. The allegations by the officials of deficient unsatisfactory housing and care was a pile of garbage.

The picture of Ken with the lion told a different story. With a deep passion, Ken and Jackie spent 25 years of their lives establishing that sanctuary. Home Depot donated materials to help them in their efforts. After losing Ken last fall it was a low blow to Jackie and her daughter. If there is true concern for animal welfare, back your trucks up into the factory farms and liberate the millions of calves, hogs and poultry denied the freedom to move freely while being raised for the final destination on your dinner plate.

Paul Gebhard