Did We Not Learn From Our Past Mistakes?

To The Reader’s Forum:

As Iraq falls into chaos due to warring religious factions, some “military experts” in Congress and conservative talk shows hosts are calling for additional military intervention.

Did we not learn from past mistakes? We got duped into going into Iraq in the first place and over 4,000 lives later, tens of thousands wounded, and estimates of $1.7 to an estimated $4 trillion later Iraq remains just another hot spot in the world. America cannot and should not be the world’s big brother; shedding blood and treasure in attempting to democratize countries and imposing our influence onto those countries. As soon as we attempt to put out a fire in some part of the world, another one ignites.

We simply have to start taking care of our own. What could we have done at home with all the money spent on a useless effort? For instance, the American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that there is a $3 trillion shortfall in infrastructure spending. They estimate a $1 trillion program for infrastructure upgrades would create 13 million jobs nationwide! We must upgrade our veterans health system, we must increase our efforts in eradicating poverty and hunger within the U.S.

Where are our priorities?

Let us not be fooled into re-entering a conflict that down the road we’ll be again seriously questioning our involvement.

Tim Fagerstrom