Lander High School Alumni Meet For 96th Reunion

LANDER, Pa. – Members of the classes who graduated from the Lander High School and from the Lander area who attended Eisenhower High School met recently at the Lander United Methodist Church social parlor. Forty alumni and their guests were present.

Reports were presented by Donna Ostrom secretary/treasurer. The reports were accepted as read. The reunion was coordinated by the 2013-14 officers: Delores Wilkins, president; Donna Ostrum, secretary/treasurer; Norma Mills, historian; and Shirley Hitchcock, toastmistress.

Mills conducted the memorial service for alumni who died between June 2013 to May 2014. Remembered were: Margaret Beck Jansen, class of 1937; Barry Resh, an EHS graduate; William “Bill” Weber, class of 1946; Robert “Sam” Day, class of 1940; Avery White, class of 1936; Norma Carlson Morrison, class of 1936; Cordelia “Cookie” Skinner, class of 1965 EHS; Russell “Bub” Southwell, EHS; Caroline Wilcox Woodruff, class of 1945; Betty Hitchcock Johnson, class of 1948; Priscilla Knapp Lohnes, class of 1941; Arthur E. Carlson, class of 1940; Juanita “Joyce” Wolford, class of 1946; and Harlan Hill, class of 1956, Sugar Grove/Farmington. Also remembered during the memorial service was Richard Hiles, a longtime principal at Sugar Grove Elementary School who passed away in May 2014.

Toastmistress Shirley Hitchcock called on any alumni who had memories to share. Class members in attendance of the anniversary classes were recognized. Marian Thompson spoke for the class of 1939. Neva Hagberg and Pauline Sarvis contributed memories.

The officers for 2014-15 are: Bev Church, president; Lois Yoxtheimer, vice president; Fran Decker, secretary/treasurer; Henry Kutschke, toastmaster; Norma Mills; historian.

Hitchcock introduced Tom Knapp, the area representative to the Warren County School Board who was also a graduate of Lander High School. He spoke about the construction at Eisenhower Middle Senior High School and Eisenhower Elementary School.

The classrooms in the new elementary wing are ready. Furniture will be moved in soon. There are 18 classrooms with three for each grade level. The high school offices will be heated by geothermal wells. A solar collection tube provides energy to power some lights and automatic devices in some of the restrooms. High-efficiency boilers are environmentally friendly and save around 1.7 tons of CO2. There are underground storage tanks to provide 100,000 gallons of water for fire protection. The building now has 2 inches of insulation. During the construction many building materials were recycled. The resulting funds allowed the purchase of additional supplies and furniture. There are sprinklers throughout the buildings.

He had a display of photographs covering the construction phase for all to view. A member of the audience asked if there was to be an open house. He said he expected there would be since there was one recently at the newly renovated Beaty School.

The luncheon concluded with classmates singing the Lander High School alma mater.