Gerry Prepares For Aug. 9 Town Picnic

GERRY- The date for the Gerry Town Picnic has been set.

Linda Bartholomew, Gerry councilwoman, said the picnic is set for Saturday, Aug. 9, from 4-9 p.m. There are many volunteers this year, and she gave thanks to the Highway Department for displaying the sign at the Memorial Day parade, and for Dave Miller for updating the sign every year.

In other news, Lori Johnson, recreation leader, requested that Tracy Butcher, deputy highway superintendent, drive the children using a school bus for summer recreation. The Recreation Department would have to pay for one if this could not be done. Brian Anderson, highway superintendent, did not have a problem with it because summer recreation is a town function and Butcher is a qualified bus driver. The board agreed.

Recreation interviews are finished, and four employees are returning from last year. The appointments of the 2014 summer recreation leader and assistants were approved.

In May, Ralph Dalaba spoke up at the town board meeting asking if the board could plow Engdahl Road, which is a seasonal road. Dalaba is building a residence on the road. Anderson said he talked to Dalaba and explained half of the road is considered Charlotte’s responsibility. Right now neither town has the money to maintain and gravel the road which runs approximately a quarter-mile to where he will be building. Anderson said the Highway Department could peel the ditches and fix shoulders, but as far as plowing it, it could be a problem next year without it being graveled.

Supervisor John Crossley said Anderson should discuss the figures of what it would cost to maintain the road with the Charlotte highway superintendent considering the road is split between the two towns. Dalaba requested a letter from the town to National Grid saying the town will maintain the road as he will have to cover a large cost to the electric if they do not. After some discussion, the board decided not to draw up a letter at the moment as there are no guarantees of maintaining the road. Anderson will work with Charlotte on figuring costs if they are willing to maintain it as well. He will also contact National Grid to let them know there are no guarantees of maintenance and that Dalaba is willing to maintain it on his own.

The board passed a resolution to abandon Shelters Road.

A budget transfer and a modification to the budget was also approved by the Gerry Town Board.

The town board set a meeting regarding the town hall today at 5 p.m. at the town hall. The next board meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on July 10.