Mr. Pienta: A Southwestern Gift

To The Reader’s Forum:

As the school year draws to a close and graduation ceremonies commence, a number of teacher, staff members and administrators will be retiring in our area.

One such outstanding educator is social studies teacher at Southwestern High School, Mr. Ray Pienta. For as long as I can remember, Mr. Pienta has made history and learning a joy and passion for his students. His gifts and care of others have inspired many to enter the fields of education, law enforcement or service professions to assist other. His energy, love of teaching and concern for others has been present each and every day. He has blessed us so and been a gift to our Southwestern district for many, many years. He is one of our students favorite teacher for who he is and what he gives to them.

Mr. Pienta is, has and always will be one of a kind, a true gift. We wish him joy and peace in his retirement.

Mark Sleggs