Fries Has Memorable Day At Chautauqua GC Pro-Am

CHAUTAUQUA – It was a day to remember for professional Tom Fries as he took top honors in the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy Pro-Am at Chautauqua Golf Club on Monday.

Not only did Fries post an 8-under-par 64, two strokes ahead of Tom Keenan, who carded a 66, to win the men’s pro title, but he also produced a hole-in-one on the 121-yard par-3 sixth hole while playing the Lake Course.

After Keenan, Sean Moffit, Jack Widger and Dwayne Randall tied for third with 68s.

Cindy Miller led the way with a 72 to take the women’s pro crown followed by Suellen Northrup with 75 and Kathy O’Connor and Patty Jordan-Smith tied for third place with 78s.

As for the men’s pro-am, Randall teamed with Jack McCauley, Ben McCauley and Jack Turben to win the event with a two net best-ball total of 123.

Keenan joined with Ron Kilpatrick, David Bird and Stu Northrup to finish second with 127 and pro David Wedzik and partners Doug Larson, Rob Churchill and Brad Grover were third with 130.

In the women’s pro-am, Miller teamed up with Louisa Rutman, Linda King and Edith Bensink to take first place with 122. Kathy O’Conner and her teammates, Colleen Reeve, Jeanne Wiebenga and Leslie Peet were second with 126 while pro Kathy Cassese, Suzanne Gross, Ann Knepshield and Lois Livingston, pro Jennifer Eberlein, Pam Shay, Dale Mathews and Jane Stirniman and pro Suellen Northrup, Barb Blanchard, Megan Smoulder and Pam Smoulder tied for third with 130s.


Tom Fries 64

Tom Keenan 66

Sean Moffat 68

Dwayne Randall 68

Jack Widger 68

Ron Coleman 69

Rick Schreifer 71

Ryan Swanson 71

Rob Horak 72

Eddie Suchora 72

David Wedzik 72

Frank Garcia 73

Rob Krajewski 73

Sean Coleman 73

Troy Moss 75

Bobby Hogan 75

Rich Burlett 76

Jason Piukoski 77

Josh Osborn 78

Steve Latimer 79

Stan Marshaus 83

Bill Neary 83

Scott Bates 84

Jonathan Decker 86


Cindy Miller 72

Suellen Northrup 75

Kathy O’CoNnor 78

Patty Jordan-Smith 78

Katy Cassese 80

Jennifer Eberlein 83


Dwayne Randall-Jack McCauley-Jack Turben 123

Tom Keenan-Ron Kilpatrick-David Bird-Stu Northrup 127

David Wedzik-Doug Larson-Rob Churchill-Brad Glover 130

Bob Hogan-Dennis Scotty, John Dawson-Craig Marker 131

Rob Krajewski-Mike Wellman-Nino Gugino-Dave Roetzer 131

Frank Garcia-Jack Connolly-Feli Viscugula-Dick Joslyn 132

Eddie Suchora-Jim Garde-Mike Zolner-Mike Evans 132

Jason Piukoski-Shaun Fadale-Brian Wojcinski-Fred Gregory 132

Ron Coleman- Jerry Lahey-Les Adler-Casey Neuman 132

Rick Schreifer-Dan Colwel-Matt Fuller-John Tanner 133

Ryan Swanson-Scott Farrell-Jason Vaughn-Rob DuBois 133

Tim Fries-Tim Peters-Mike Wolfe-Morgan Stallard 134

Troy Moss-Dave Matthews-Mike Knight-Bill Rexford 134

Scott Bates-Dana DeWindt-Jeff Church-Scott Gould 135

Sean Coleman-Edward Schmidt-Bill Roberts-Pete Skurzewski 136

Jack Widger-Fred Pellerito-George Wright-Kurt Johnson 137

Jonathan Decker-Jack Voelker-Gil Matoon-Gary Reeve 137

Josh Osborn-D. Nickerson-Josh Harrington-A. Gornikiewcz 138

Ron Horak-Rhoe Henderson-Dale Lyndall-Bill Peterson 138

Steve Latimer-Robert Goring-T. Burlingame-Terry Woodfield 138

Rich Burlett-Keith Mackowski-Scott Dill-Gregg Bender 140

Bill Neary-Corky Weaver-Ron McCauley-Scott Winkley 142

Sean Moffat-Tom Small-Griff McDonald-John Ford 143

Stan Marshaus-Bill Evans Sr.-Bill Evans Jr.-John Jablonski 155


Cindy Miller-Louisa Rutman-Linda King-Edith Bensink 122

Kathy O’Connor-Colleen Reeve-Jeanne Wiebanga-Leslie Peet 126

Kathy Cassese-Suzanne Gross-Ann Knepshield-L. Livingston 130

Jennifer Eberlein-Pam Shay-Dale Matthews-Jane Stirniman 130

Suellen Northrup-B. Blanchard-Megan Smoulder-Pam Smoulde 130

Patty Jordan-Smith-J. Flanagan-Bernice Elkin-Linda Barber 137