Iraqi Blame?

To The Reader’s Forum:

Before you ask the question of whether or not we should have left soldiers in Iraq you need to ask this question: should American soldiers be immune from criminal prosecution while being in Iraq? If your answer is yes, they must be immune from criminal prosecution, then you have answered the question of why we left Iraq back in 2011. Maliki’s government required the right to prosecute our soldiers for any criminal acts they may commit while being stationed in Iraq. We as a nation have always upheld our military sovereignty, preventing any and all nations from prosecuting our soldiers for any criminal action they may have perpetrated. This is one of the reasons we left Iraq. The other reason is very simple: They did not want us there. Maliki’s government raised all kinds of obstacles in our path to intentionally prevent us from staying in Iraq. They wanted us to go.

For all the blaming and finger pointing that has gone on this past week we need to get our facts straight. We must remember that Prime Minister Maliki lived in exile for 20 years in Iran. He never was a real supporter of the US or its involvement in Iraq, unless it furthered his ability to be Prime Minister of Iraq. Iran is the real powerhouse now, and is the main supporter of Maliki’s way of governing Iraq. This can be seen by Maliki’s consistent persecution of Sunni leaders in his government.

Unwittingly we have sown the seeds for a religious civil war where everyone loses. It is not in our best interest to be in the middle of a religious civil war. Our military is not equipped to solve the political problems of other countries. If we were to get involved, our action may be nothing more than a recruiting poster for more Islamic terrorists. When we side with Maliki we support his continual attacks against Iraqi Sunni citizens. That’s why 30,000 Iraq solders walked away from an advancing army of less than 1,000. They too were Sunni and chose not to support Maliki. If we get involved we end up owning the problem and risk becoming the life long enemy of the losing faction.

No if you want to blame anyone, blame Maliki and his government for not being inclusive and reconciliatory towards the Sunnis. He should have learned from Mandela that forgiveness is the one sword the enemy cannot fight against!

Edward Vos