A Letter To Dick Cheney

Dear Dick Cheney,

Based on your Wall Street Journal op-ed, co-authored by your daughter, I can only assume you still feel your opinions are relevant. Well, you are wrong. In fact, I can’t think of anyone less qualified to offer advice on American policy.

During your time in the White House, America experienced the worst terrorist attack in history. Your foreign policy created millions more American-hating extremists around the globe, many of whom are now fighting in Iraq. Our nation’s finances went from an economic surplus to an ever-expanding debt explosion. Wall Street’s crew of “Too Big To Fail” banks received taxpayer-funded handouts, not to mention bonuses. Wages remained stagnant. The Great Recession began. The nation’s longest war began in Afghanistan. And, we waged an immoral and likely illegal war in Iraq based on obviously faulty information.

My favorite part of your op-ed is your claim that “Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.” Was that meant as joke? It doesn’t seem like you and President Bush were able to get much right during your tenure.In fact, America may never fully recover from the damage left by your administration.

You criticize President Obama for prematurely claiming victory over the terrorists. Don’t you remember the shameless PR stunt forever dubbed “Mission Accomplished?” Talk about being a little early to claim victory.

You claim that your administration “almost” defeated the terrorists in Iraq largely due to the “surge.” I remember the “surge” being necessary only because of the fact that your administration didn’t provide enough troops in the first place. You bungled the war in Iraq for years before the “surge.” Don’t you remember any of this? What gives you the gall to offer advice on Iraq? You should be lucky you aren’t in jail for leading our country into war based on one false claim after another. Some would consider your actions nothing short of treason.

There is something else you seem to be forgetting. You aren’t very popular with the American public. Republican defeats in the last two Presidential elections were largely a reverse-mandate, or a condemnation of your administration’s policies. The American people have spoken, and we don’t like your policies.

Your lies and war-mongering led us into Iraq, costing us close to 5,000 American lives, over 100,000 Iraqi civilian lives, thousands more wounded, and the U.S. taxpayers over $1 trillion.

How many reasons did you have for invading Iraq? Seems like you guys had a new one every time the previous excuse was debunked. I know you are used to profiting off of war, but for others, it is a costly burden.

Also, let’s not forget the following, all compliments of you and your cohorts: the NSA and your domestic police-state programs, warrantless spying, the juggernaut Dept. of Homeland Security, secret prisons, torture, illegally holding prisoners without charging them with crimes, water boarding, and all of the other ways in which you have trampled all over the Constitution, as well as national and international laws and treaties.

You wanted Iraq to be a democracy. Well, it became a democracy that no longer wanted our troops around. The leadership your administration hand-picked, no longer wanted American troops in Iraq, despite President Obama’s warnings. That was their choice as a fledgling democracy. Did you not want Iraq to choose its own destiny? I guess you would have rather called the shots for them, because, you know, that’s how real democracy works, right?

No, Mr. Cheney, no one wants your advice and no one cares what you have to say. Our country needs your advice like we need another economic recession (or another war). Those are things that you are very familiar with. The next time you have an urge to pen something for a national publication, make it an apology. Please, just admit that you lied, admit that you were wrong, and apologize to all of the Americans and Iraqis whose lives were lost or otherwise destroyed by your decisions, and may God have mercy on your soul.