Infinity Finds A New Home

The infinite success of a local nonprofit organization can be measured tangibly in square feet.

Infinity Visual and Performing Arts announced Wednesday that it will be relocating to a larger space in the ground floor of the Lynn Building at 301 E. Second St.

The announcement was made by the Infinity board of directors and Executive Director Shane Hawkins as a means of addressing the difficult issue of accommodating the organization’s variety of services within a limited footprint. According to Jason Sample, board president, Infinity had been on the lookout for more viable options since the beginning of the year.

“During the past couple years, we’ve seen a sharp increase in student enrollment at Infinity,” Sample said. “As a result, we realized that the need for additional space was quickly becoming an issue.”

“At the start of this year, we made it a priority to look for and explore various options,” Sample continued. “We soon learned that space was available in the Lynn Building, and with the help and generosity of Lynn Development LLC, we were able to finalize an agreement to move Infinity into a new home. The new location will not only provide nearly 40 percent more space for Infinity, but also long-lasting stability for the organization.”

The current space occupied by Infinity provides approximately 8,600 square feet of space for the organization’s numerous practice rooms, studios and cafe performance lounge. The new space would nearly double Infinity’s usable space by offering 14,100 square feet.

Sample said the agreement between Infinity and Lynn Development was finalized last week, with the board voting on the matter Thursday. It covers a period of 10 years, with two additional five-year options to extend the lease; meaning the Lynn Building could serve as the home of Infinity through the year 2034.

“We can’t express enough our appreciation and gratitude to Lynn Development for providing Infinity with this opportunity,” Hawkins said. “Maintaining a presence in downtown Jamestown was very important to us. The fact that the Lynn Building is practically across the street from Jamestown High School, where many of our students come from, is a huge plus. Add to that the additional space we’ll have available for programming, and it’s safe to say that we are extremely pleased with the new location. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

Hawkins said the goal of the organization is to be able to move into the new space by mid-September. In order to accomplish this, Infinity will begin an aggressive campaign to help prepare the new space for occupancy; a task which is projected to cost $220,000.

“Between now and then, we’ll be meeting with and mobilizing community stakeholders to help us bring this project to completion,” she said.

In the meantime, Infinity will continue operating from its current location, located at 115 E. Third St., which it has been leasing from the city of Jamestown for nearly a decade. Blueprints of what the new space is projected to look like are on display at the current location, and are available for public viewing.

For more information, updates, or to donate or volunteer to the relocation campaign, call Infinity at 664-0991, or visit