Ready To Serve

BUSTI- For months, the discussion surrounding the former Tordella’s Surfaces building as the new Busti Town Hall shook the town with contention. However, as winter melted away, so did the dispute – especially with the development of the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee which was formed on April 28. Now, Busti has successfully moved its offices over to 125 Chautauqua Ave. and is taking a giant leap forward towards consolidation and new saving strategies while welcoming the Jamestown Federal Credit Union to Lakewood.

The 12,000-square-foot building was purchased after the Jamestown Federal Credit Union offered to buy the previous town hall. While this figure has not factored in the cost of renovation, this will be kept to a minimum in accordance to an agreement between Busti and the ad hoc committee.

Part of this understanding entails the court system would be moved out of the second floor of the Anthony C. Caprino Building, which is currently operating at an inadequate standard – so much so Monday’s town board meeting, which was slated to be held in the Busti Court, moved back to the Recreational Center as to accommodate residents who were not able to climb the stairs. With the move in place, the court system will officially be able to apply for grant money specifically slotted for such a project. The new court will be on the ground level and would improve the effectiveness of the court workers and system, add a conference area and judge’s chamber, and double up as the new town board meeting room.

The move also looks to address the current problem the Busti-Lakewood Recreational Center currently poses. While the building is a treasured historical landmark, its lack of energy efficiency and structural issues have become a tax burden. Due to the Rec Center’s deed restriction, the space can only be used either for a Recreational Center or be reverted back to a green space. Busti is open to and willing to search for other viable options expressed by residents of the town, but it is committed to devoting a compacted recreational room that will effectually serve the current needs of area residents.

The former Tordella building is now operating as a fully functional town office. Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.