Winter Wheat Projected To Decrease

Winter wheat is projected to decrease about 20,000 acres from 2013.

There are three states in the Northeastern Region that forecast the production of winter wheat. As of June 1, Maryland is forecast to harvest 255,000 acres in 2014, a decrease of 5,000 acres from the previous year.

There is a forecasted yield of 65 bushels per acre, a 2 bushel increase per acre from the May 1 forecast, and a 2 bushel decrease from 2013. Expected production is 16,575,000 bushels which is a decrease of five percent.

The New York forecast of 95,000 acres of winter wheat is 20,000 fewer acres than last year. There is a forecasted yield of 66 bushels per acre, a 3 bushel increase from May 1 and two bushels less than last year. Production would total 6,270,000 bushels, a decrease of 20 percent. Pennsylvania’s forecasted winter wheat acres of 160,000 bushels are unchanged from the previous year. There is a yield of 60 bushels per acre which is unchanged from May 1. However, the forecast is an 8 bushel decrease from the previous year. The total production is forecasted at 9,600,000 bushels which is a 12 percent decrease from June 2013.

The U.S. winter wheat production is forecast at 1.38 billion bushels, a 2 percent decrease from the May 1 forecast and a 10 percent decrease from 2013. Based on June 1 conditions, the United States yield are forecast at 42.4 bushels per acre, a .7 bushel decrease from last month and a 5 bushel decrease from last year. As of June 1, 30 percent of the winter wheat crop in the 18 major producing states was rated in good to excellent condition, .2 points less than the same week in 2013. Nationally, 79 percent of the winter wheat crop was headed by June 1 which is slightly ahead of the five-year average pace.