We CAN Fix What Is Broken

To the Readers’ Forum:

On June 2, I read an article about our poor lake from Mr. Spann. I have to agree with him about learning from our mistakes. But when he says we can’t fix what has already happened, I don’t agree.

First we have to put catch ponds on all creeks going into the lake and clean them on a regular basis.

The bays need to be dredged from the Yacht Club to the outlet at Eighth Street.

Our government officials need to be pushed into action and stop studying the problem.

I feel bad for the people who bought lakefront property and pay huge taxes but are unable to really enjoy the lake.

Take it from the people who have lived here for many years, the lake needs to be dredged to solve this problem.

Maybe the farmer would like the soil back that gets dredged out. This lake is one of the biggest economic boosters of this community. Please help her!

Glenn Kohler