A Signal Light With No Apparent Purpose

To the Readers’ Forum:

Several weeks ago, the New York State DOT set-up a one-lane, signal controlled traffic pattern on Route 430 near Driftwood Road. It seems to have been placed where a stream passes under a small bridge. No explanation was given and now, almost two months later, no road construction activity has occurred.

Cars going up that highway enroute to Bemus Point or coming back toward Jamestown, inevitably have to stop and wait for the traffic light to change. How much wasted time and taxpayer gasoline has been consumed sitting there waiting for a light to change? Why would the DOT be stopping and diverting traffic with no apparent construction project in the offing? Will it be like this all summer? It looks like a waste of time and money to me. Maybe it is something that our state legislators should look into. One of them lives in the Town of Ellery and has probably been inconvenienced himself.

The public deserves some information. Is the state testing a new traffic signal to see if it will work? Is there actually a construction project which will someday be underway at this site? Any information on what is going on would be appreciated by the hundreds each day who now sit and wait for a light to change? this may not be the ”bridge to nowhere” in Chautauqua County, but it is becoming the ”signal light for no apparent purpose.”

Gale Betts