Critters Crossing Roads? Be Careful

To the Readers’ Forum:

As we get into the warmer months, we’re seeing a lot more critters wandering in our backyard and unfortunately, our roads. I’d just like to remind everyone that while sometimes it may be unavoidable when a deer or raccoon runs out in front of you, being cautious and paying attention can often save lives of both human and non-human animals.

Just as important as being aware of your surroundings so as to avoid these sorts of accidents is knowing how to handle them if they do happen. When you hit an animal, stop to see if it is alive! Often times they do not die upon impact. If the animal is gravely injured, do the right thing and call the local police department or game commission to end the suffering.

Remember, they’re not there to get in your way. Our roads just happen to run right through their backyard.

Nikki Kemery

Spring Creek