Magnio Family Thankful For WCA Hospital

To the Readers’ Forum:

Our dearest uncle passed away suddenly on March 16 in the WCA Hospital Emergency Department. If not for the gentle, caring and sympathetic nature of the Emergency Department staff, especially Julie Acklin, administrative nurse on duty that evening, his sudden passing would have been an even more difficult experience for our entire family. Dealing with an unexpected death can be incomprehensible for everyone involved including the healthcare givers, but Julie, alongside the excellent doctors, nurses and hospitality staff who brought us coffee, combined both professionalism with true warmth and empathy. They kept us informed, answered our questions, addressed our concerns and were ever so patient and endearing, returning to the private family room of the Emergency Department often to make sure we had everything necessary during these last critical moments of our uncle’s life.

While there is great sadness in realizing that your loved one is going to pass, there is great comfort in knowing that there are very special people at WCA who show immense kindheartedness and care for your loved one during his or her last moments of life. We extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone at WCA. We are especially appreciative and thankful for the gentle nature shown by Julie Acklin. We want to express our gratitude publicly so their work does not go unnoticed. We are truly blessed to have a local community hospital and obliged to acknowledge their great care.

The Family of Joseph C. Magnio

Dan, Linda, Kim, Tim, Chuck, Kathleen and David