Renaissance Corp. Pleased With Hands-On Jamestown Turnout

More than 700 people pre-registered and more than 500 people officially signed up to participate in Hands-On Jamestown this year.

Greg Lindquist, Jamestown Renaissance Corporation executive director, said he believes the difference between those who pre-registered and those who officially signed up probably came down to people not wanting to waste time going to City Hall to register.

“We think the people just stayed in their neighborhoods and started working instead of registering,” he said. “We had great participation in all the neighborhoods. We’re extremely pleased with the pre-registration and the turnout.”

Peter Lombardi, Jamestown Renaissance Corporation deputy director, said it just wasn’t residents working on their homes, but also city workers planting flowers and doing extra street sweeping and cleaning. Lombardi said community groups such as Northside Pride, Forest Heights and Lakeview Avenue Community Action Project all had strong participation.

“We are witnessing a synergy between the neighborhood groups and those who were downtown,” he said. “It is a one-day-a-year activity to do spring cleaning, but we hope it instills a sense of stewardship in people. It is about doing it all the time. It is setting a standard. It sets the tone.”

Lindquist said he wants to thank all the sponsors who supported Hands-On Jamestown: Jamestown Renaissance Corporation; Gebbie Foundation; M&T Bank; Chautauqua Region Community Foundation; Rotary Club of Jamestown; Farm Fresh Foods; Dalahast Roasters; city of Jamestown employees; Jamestown Police Department; Jamestown Fire Department; Jamestown Area Medical Associates; Everyday’s Super True Value; Tops; Pepsi; and Jamestown Cycle Shop.

“The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation would like to thank every resident and community member who helped beautify Jamestown,” Lindquist said.

Hands-On Jamestown is a planned, comprehensive cleanup involving hundreds of community volunteers who plant flowers, sweep, rake, mulch, weed and engage in other activities to improve the city’s downtown and neighborhoods.