Ron Rose and Topper Westerdahl were the only three-game winners in the Chautauqua Lake Men’s Horseshoe League.

Rose put together games of 79, 76 and 74 points with a total of 14 ringers.

Westerdahl, meanwhile, had games of 79, 74 and 73 points with 13 ringers.

Chuck Dickenson won 2 games with a high of 79 points with seven ringers. Dickenson and Ken Hopkins tied in the first game with 78 points.

Larry Piazza and Dick Franzen were two-game winners with Piazza having 83 points with nine ringers and 80 points with eight ringers.

Franzen had a high game of 84 points with six ringers.

Don McCray delivered 86 points with 11 ringers and Hopkins 84 points with eight ringers.

– – –

Kim Waite and Vicki Seiberg captured three wins in the Women’s Division of the Chautauqua Lake Horseshoe Club.

Brandy Ecklund had the high single game with 88 followed by Barbara Spencer with an 86, Christine Shields with an 82 and Diana Tropp with an 80.