D&S Glass Replacing Windows At City Hall

For another month, depending on the weather, new glass will be installed at Jamestown City Hall by D&S Glass.

Mike LaTone, D&S Glass owner, said they are supplying and installing the glass for the project. He said D&S, located at 333 Fluvanna Ave., will be changing about 30 panes of glass on all four sides of the building.

“We’ve been at it about two weeks,” he said. “It will be about another month to complete, depending on the weather.”

LaTone said they received the contract last year from city officials. He said it takes about six to eight months to receive the glass, which is specially made.

“They make it about once a year. The glass is sprayed with a gold inner layer. They spray a gold mist on the glass, which is what gives it its reflection. We received the glass over the winter and we had to wait for the weather.”

LaTone said they can only install the new glass with winds under 20 mph. This isn’t the first time D&S Glass has changed the glass on the building. He said they did work on the building about 10 years too.

“The glass over time gets cloudy and needs to be changed. That is what the city is doing now,” he said. “We appreciate the city giving us the project, being a local company known for quality window installation.”