Please, Take Care Of Our Gifts From God

To the Readers’ Forum:

Child abuse is one of the saddest and most tragic problems we face. From just a few weeks old to a young teenager, this huge problem must be dealt with a high priority.

Innocent babies and young children just want to be loved, not beaten.

Babies cry, that’s what babies do. Teenagers don’t mind at times, but there are other means of discipline than beating them. No child didn’t ask for it. No child ever asks to get beat or screamed at.

Children are entitled to a safe, loving home. Children get only one childhood. How can you not enjoy their laughter, their beautiful smile and their hugs and kisses and they still say ”I Love you.”

Mentally ill mothers and fathers, single parents, stepparents and boyfriends are the attackers. It’s usually jealousy or responsibility problems that bring on these attacks. The attackers use their fists, feet, chains, leather straps, baseball bats or scouring water poured over them. They are thrown against walls, down stairways, locked in closets and shaken when they are babies until they suffer brain damage.

Then there is mental child abuse, which parents deny. this is a dangerous silent killer usually brought on by a divorce or an ugly breakup and continual screaming. Children love both parents and yet they are put in a position to hear how bad this other parent is.

Children kept away from the other parent and grandparents without good reason is disgusting and very cruel to the child who has no say in the matter.

It is the same with same-sex partners. One partner leaves, the other gets married and the child is denied having visitations with the former partner who helped raise the child with love for years and was present at birth.

These adults are selfish, jealous and not thinking what’s best for the child who loves both. The child is afraid to mention the other partner. This is not the best interest for the child. An overly strict stepparent only adds to the problem. The pain and suffering inside that child, who is now a different child, must be awful.

Hugs and kisses, telling them how much they are loved, is powerful to a young child.

Your children and grandchildren are a special gift from God. Take care of them, it’s the best gift you’ll ever receive.

George Barone