Ellery/Bemus Point Residents — Speak Up or Forever Hold Your Breath

By David Wesp

As I walked out to my car this morning, a seagull flying from the landfill and headed to the lake, dropped a “poop bomb” that narrowly missed me, but nailed my car. Perhaps it was the noise from the Pro Waste trucks that scared that out of him.

RESIDENTS, this is your last chance to voice your concerns in regards to the expansion of the landfill! The 53-acre expansion to the west of the present landfill will bring the affects of the landfill to within 1.5 miles of Ellery Center. The expansion allows a 1,850 ft. elevation, and allows the landfill to accept 1,883 tons, or 3,766,000 pounds, of waste per day. The County landfill has removed over 800 acres from the Ellery tax base.

To review this expansion document please visit the Bemus Point Library, the Ellery Town Office, or the County Landfill. Please voice your concerns before June 24 in either of the following ways:


Mail: Mark F. Passuit, NYSDEC Region 9

Div. Environmental Permits

270 Michigan Ave

Buffalo, NY 14203