Where Art Thou?

If you hear a fourth-grade student from Lincoln Elementary School using words like ”Thou,” ”Thee” or ”Ye,” don’t be alarmed.

The children may be using these words because they’re used quite often in William Shakespeare plays. Fourth-grade students at Lincoln Elementary School have been studying plays like ”Othello,” ”Romeo and Juliet,” ”Macbeth” and ”Julius Caesar.”

Lori Cobb, Lincoln Elementary fourth-grade teacher, has been working on Shakespeare with the students as part of an English language arts project. The students learned different scenes from the plays and did dance numbers in conjunction with Shakespeare’s work. The students worked on reading the plays and understanding them during classroom time. Then they spent a lot of time practicing the lines and creating scenery and costumes.

Cobb said, in the past, fourth-grade students didn’t learn about Shakespeare until middle or high school.

”Our exposure to Shakespeare was ‘The Brady Bunch,”’ she said.

Cobb said children would take the scripts home with them to memorize their lines. The children also did production work like the lighting during the performance. She said the children could even applaud and root for their favorite Shakespearean characters.

”It is appropriate, when they are done speaking, to say ‘Bravo,”’ she said.