Unattended Gas Stove Caused McDaniel Avenue Fire

The fire that ravaged a 52 McDaniel Ave. home Monday afternoon was caused by an unattended gas stove in the kitchen, fire officials said.

According to Lieutenant Tim Glenn, fire investigations supervisor at the Jamestown Fire Department, the fire caused heavy structural damage to the home, and likely rendered it a total loss.

“The kitchen was burned out and (the fire) extended to the attic,” Glenn said. “(The owner) lost everything on the first floor … but some stuff on the second floor might be saved.”

The family of three that lived at the home was not present during the incident. According to fire officials, a friend of the family started cooking in the kitchen and left the stove unattended.

The friend safely evacuated. No other injuries were reported.

Members of the Southwestern NY American Red Cross Disaster Team responded to provide disaster relief for the family.

Disaster Team members Phil Baker and Jeanie Shiffer responded to provide initial disaster assistance. Temporary housing, clothing, and meals are services typically offered to address emergency needs. The local Red Cross chapter will continue working with the individuals and their recovery process if additional services or referrals are necessary.

All disaster assistance offered by the American Red Cross is complimentary and made possible by generous contributions from the American people and residents of Chautauqua County.

Jamestown fire crews responded to the burning home on Monday at approximately 3:30 p.m.

Neighbors in the surrounding area gathered on their lawns and porches as fire crews hosed down flames, broke open windows and sawed a hole in the roof to allow for ventilation.

The scene was officially cleared shortly after 7 p.m.