CLRA Competes At Mercyhurst Invite

The Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association was one of nine teams to compete in the Mercyhurst Invitational last month.

The invitational, an annual competition consisting of 19 events, is held in open water on Presque Isle Bay. The Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association participated in 11 of the races with outstanding results.

CLRA coxswains, who are accustomed to the confines of the Chadakoin River and Chautauqua Lake outlet, find that open water courses are a challenge, since there are few visual cues in open water. The length of the race is 1,500 meters, with the exception of the 500-meter dash for the Varsity 8’s. The 500-meter dash immediately follows the Varsity 8’s 1,500 meter race, presenting the additional challenge of digging deep and giving more, after already having given your all. All races were run as finals from a floating start.

Girls Novice 4

Finished first in their three boat heat at 8:31.21.

Coxswain: Alexis Barron

Stroke seat: Sebby Turner

Girls Novice 8

Finished first in their two boat race in 7:14.2.

Cox: Amelia Thorp

Stroke: Kaylah Jones

Girls Varsity 4

Finished first in their three boat race at 6:09.4 beating out Mercyhurst by 2.9 seconds.

Cox: Mary Himes

Stroke: Ashley Marsh

Girls V 8

In an exciting race, finished first in their three-boat 1,500 meter race in 6:22.8.

Girls V 8

Finished third in the 500 meter dash at 2:26.0.

Cox: Mary Himes

Stroke: Ashley Marsh

Girls JV 4

In spite of being swamped by a wave at the start, finished third of five boats in 6:55.0.

Cox: Alexis Barron

Stroke: Libby Wright

Boys Novice 4

Finished first in their heat at 7:02.68.

Cox: Greg Oakes

Stroke: Carter Windoft

Boys JV 4

In a crowded field of seven boats, finished second at 5:56.6.

Cox: Marishka Fadale

Stroke: Karsen Terry

Boys V 4

Finished first of four boats at 5:45.3, beating out Hampton by 1.7 seconds.

Cox: Emily Dahlgren

Stroke: Konnor Bryant

Boys V 8

In a strong race, finished first in a three boat race at 5:11.3 in the 1,500 meter race.

Boys V 8

Finished first in a four boat 500 meter dash in 1:51.4.

Cox: Emily Dahlgren

Stroke: Karsen Terry

Founded in 2005, the Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association is run by a dedicated and talented volunteer coaching staff. It blends students from various area high schools into a cohesive team in a sport that teaches the importance of cooperation and teamwork, skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.