Chub Frank Returns To Victory Lane In Litz Memorial

By Jay Pees

HAMMETT, Pa. – Sunday was the annual Dick Litz Memorial for the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models in honor of the 1983 Eriez Speedway champion with the Super Late Models racing for $2,900 to win.

The evening started with a belated award from the annual banquet held last fall. Every year a Fan of the Year is selected, but this year the choice had already left to winter in Florida. Tom Dill won the very first late model feature at Eriez on July 21, 1961, and still attends as often as possible. The track officials decided Dill needed one more trophy for his wall and with him returning from Florida this week he, of course, made the trip to Eriez. Before the night’s racing commenced, the trophy was presented by track announcer Tom Woolslayer.

Dick Litz was one of the most popular drivers ever to race at Eriez Speedway and was here for the very first season in 1961. Litz was a fixture near the front of the pack and in 1983 succeeded in winning the Eriez track championship. He had also been the 1982 Stateline track champion. Eriez Speedway sets aside one night a season to remember this pioneer of the sport.

Chub Frank started outside the front row and sped away at the start of the Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models Dick Litz Memorial, speeding to his first win at Eriez in several years. The World of Outlaws Late Model star only makes rare trips to his home area where he was the 1988 track champion. Scott Gurdak won the FASTRAK Crate Late Model feature and Joel Watson won his third E-Mod feature of the year at Eriez and eighth overall in the young season in a controversial finish. Chris McGuire piloted his Limited Late Model to his first win of the season while Brandon Groters drove to his third consecutive Street Stock feature win. Jason Brightman captured the night-capper for the Challenger division.

Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models Dick Litz Memorial:

Heat 1: Russ King, Max Blair, Boom Briggs, Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman, Scott Gurdak, Michael Oakes, Jordan Eck

Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Chub Frank, Rob Blair, Greg Oakes, Andy Kania, Chris Peterson, Chuck Parker

Heat 3: Andy Boozel, Mike Knight, Rich Gardner, Matt Urban, Dave Hess, Bob Dorman, Ryan Scott

Burger King of the Hill: Rob Blair, Darrell Bossard

Feature: Chub Frank, Rob Blair, Mike Knight, Max Blair, Matt Urban, Russ King, Greg Oakes, Chris Hackett, Boom Briggs, Andy Boozel, Darrell Bossard, Ryan Scott, Steve Kania, Rich Gardner, Bump Hedman, Scott Gurdak, Bob Dorman, Chuck Parker, Chris Peterson, Michael Oakes, Jordan Eck, Dave Hess

Bonnell Collision FASTRAK Crate Late Models:

Heat 1: Max Blair, Mike Mitchell, Dave Lyon, Eric Andrus, Mike Lozowski, Mark Tatalovic, Kevin Hill

Heat 2: Scott Gurdak, Bobby Rohrer, Mike Knight, Bruce Hordusky, Wyatt Scott, Matt Harvey

Heat 3: Kyle Zimmerman, Darrell Bossard, Jamie Brown, Matt Latta, Chad Schauers, Khole Wanzer

Feature: Scott Gurdak, Kyle Zimmerman, Max Blair, Mike Knight, Bobby Rohrer, Matt Latta, Darrell Bossard, Bruce Hordusky, Jamie Brown, Dave Lyon, Matt Harvey, Eric Andrus, Wyatt Scott, Mark Tatalovic, Khole Wanzer, Chad Schauers, Mike Lozowski, Kevin Hill, Mike Mitchell

Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods:

Heat 1: Joel Watson, Gary Eicher, Mike Smith, John Boardman, Justin Carlson, Mike Bambarger, Mike McGee

Heat 2: Dave Hess, Rich Michael, Butch Southwell, Steve Simon, John Boyd, Tom Hagberg, Chad Carlson, Eric Reinwald

Feature: Joel Watson, Dave Hess, John Boyd, Butch Southwell, Gary Eicher, Tom Hagberg, Chad Carlson, Steve Sornberger, Mike Bambarger, Rich Michael, Eric Teinwald, Mike Smith, Steve Simon, Justin Carlson, John Boardman, Mike McGee

Conway and O’Malley Limited Late Models:

Heat 1: Chris McGuire, Kelly Frederes, Pat McGuire, Chris Ottaway, John Cline Jr

Heat 2: Nate Short, Tyler Green, Dustin Eckman, John Cline Jr, Matt Tuzynski

Feature: Chris McGuire, Nate Short, Kelly Frederes, Chris Ottaway, Dustin Eckman, Pat McGuire, Tyler Green, John Cline Sr, John Cline Jr, Matt Tuzynski, Rodney Tomes, Ryan Scott

Waterford Hotel Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Don McGuire, Carl Marcy, Kenny Lamp, John Phelps, Elaine Best, Art Edwards, Tyler Lyngarkos

Heat 2: Mark Thompson, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Brandon Groters, Jeremy Williams, Ron Boardman, Eric Paulus, Gary Fisher, Guy Adams

Feature: Brandon Groters, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Don McGuire, Mark Thompson, Carl Marcy, Kenny Lamp, Tyler Lyngarkos, Art Edwards, Elaine Best, Eric Andrus, John Phelps, Eric Paulus, Jeremy Williams, Ron Boardman (DNS), Gary Fisher (DNS, Guy Adams (DNS)

Kandy’s Gentlemen’ Challengers:

Heat 1: Roger Hall, Travis Darling, Gary Olson, Tom Cupp, Drew Panko, Todd Hanlon, Andy Proper, Steve Morse, Skip Jackson, Jean Fowler, Casey Burch, Leo Hanlon (DNS)

Heat 2: Jason Brightman, Tim Brightman, Justin Boardman, Joe Beach, Matt Marcy, Wes Stull, Ryan White

Feature: Jason Brightman, Joe Beach, Justin Boardman, Travis Darling, Roger Hall, Ryan White, Andy Proper, Kelsey Parker, Wes Stull, Chris Panko, Ken Luma, Matt Marcy, Tim Fisher, Gary Olson, Jean Fowler, Steve Morse, Drew Panko, Tim Brightman, Leo Hanlon, Tom Cup (DNS), Todd Hanlom (DNS), Skip Jackson (DNS), Casey Burch (DNS)