Cherry Creek Free Library Board Mourns Loss Of Fellow Member

CHERRY CREEK – The Cherry Creek Free Library Board of Directors, volunteers and patrons are mourning the death of Daniel E. Schimek, who was a member of the library’s Board of Directors. Schimek succumbed to cancer on Memorial Day.

“Dan was a voracious reader of fast-paced thrillers, who kept us up to date with what’s happening in that part of the literary world,” said Sharon Howe Sweeting, librarian. “He was a friend of the library in every sense of the word. He was involved with many ‘behind the scenes’ developments and improvements of the library, and he will certainly be missed.”

Schimek became involved with the library while spending time in Mobilworks, the auto shop where Gary Howe, Mrs. Sweeting’s brother is the proprietor. “Up until then, it had been just Ruth Ann Smith and myself. Ruth Ann suggested we needed some male involvement, and we ‘volunteered’ Dan. He agreed and came on board,” Sweeting said.

Schimek, the library’s adult reading advisor, was also responsible for the installation of a book drop at the new renovated facility on Main Street.

“He wanted to increase the speed of his book returns,” Sweeting said, with a smile. “He was a reader right to the end of his life.”

The library would like to announce increased hours of operation: Monday through Thursday between the hours of 3-5 p.m., Wednesday evenings between the hours of 6-8 p.m., and Saturday morning story hour, with the library open from 10:30 until noon.