Thanks, Foster Parents

As we celebrate National Foster Care Month in May, New Directions Youth and Family Services would like to thank foster parents throughout Western New York for opening their homes and more importantly their hearts to children from all walks of life.

Sometimes, a child’s best chance for a bright, promising future is a new foster family, either temporarily or permanently. Whether a child’s goal is to be reunited with their birth family or to find their “forever” family, it would not happen without dedicated foster and adoptive families.

The need for foster parents is greater than ever and given changes in our society there are opportunities beyond the traditional two parent families. Today we are seeking single-parent families, families of different cultures, races and orientation. We need foster parents in urban, suburban and rural communities. Without foster and adoptive families, youth who need help the most would be homeless and hopeless.

While May is the month we celebrate foster care, it is a year round effort for our organization to find loving and caring homes for foster children. Our commitment to “fostering good” on behalf of the children we serve is in part to the loving and caring people who treat these children as one of their own.

Melissa Bonello

Foster Care & Adoption

New Directions Youth and Family Services