Teresi Launches Neighborhood Walking Tours

Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi will once again take to the streets of Jamestown as part of his weekly Residential Neighborhood Walking Tour program.

The mayor will launch his 2014 weekly tour series on a door-to-door basis along Royal Avenue. The walk will take place on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. This walking tour will be the first in a series planned throughout the city’s diverse neighborhoods during the summer and fall months of the year.

Teresi initiated the walking tours in 2000 as an opportunity for citizens to express their concerns and questions directly to him and other staff members.

”The Neighborhood Walking Tour program actually grew out of my first campaign for mayor back in 1999 in which I repeatedly heard the refrain: ‘The only time we see or hear from elected officials is when they are in campaign mode and looking for something namely a vote,”’ Teresi said. ”I made the decision and pledge, right then and there, that if I was elected, I would walk the neighborhoods of Jamestown, not only during election campaigns, but on a regular basis during the ‘walkable’ times of every year. And, that is exactly what we have been doing and will be starting up again for the 2014 season on Royal Avenue.”

“Since becoming mayor, I have found the walking tours extremely valuable as one of many approaches to seek out and stay in touch with what is truly important in the minds of the people that I work for … the residents and the taxpayers of New York’s ‘Pearl City,”’ he said. ”The walking tour program has also provided an invaluable opportunity over the years to see up close and personal a variety of specific neighborhood issues and problems, many of which we at the city government level can actually play a direct role in addressing and resolving. As in the past, I will be working with city department heads to follow-up and address the various issues that may surface during my visits.”

To find out more about the mayor’s walking tours, contact the Mayor’s Office at 483-7600.