Fluvanna Cemetery Assn. At Risk Of Losing Ownership

The Fluvanna Cemetery Association regrets to inform the community it serves that it is at risk of having to turn over the running and custodial care of the cemetery to the town of Ellicott unless a number of people come forward to serve as active members of the association.

Private rural cemeteries are required to conduct business under the laws of New York state that regulate these entities. Association membership doesn’t require many hours of work, but does require a few meetings a year and making sure that records are well-kept and applicable laws are followed. Membership has dwindled in size and many have served for a long number of years. Remaining members would like to retain local control without passing the running of the cemetery over to the township. But the only way we can do that is to gain new members. The association encourages all interested people to contact Roger Lundell at 484-0593.