Miley Dominates SLM Field At LV

By Dave Sully

LITTLE VALLEY – Jared Miley, from South Park, Pa.,, made a very impressive debut at Little Valley Speedway, overwhelming a class field of Super Late Models in the 30-lap NDRL Feature in front of a large crowd on a beautiful spring night at the Cattaraugus County Fairgrounds.

Miley, a regular at Lernerville Speedway, started on the outside pole courtesy of the redraw, and having quickly learned the nuances of the long straightaways and tight turns on the half mile during hot laps and the heat, blew into the lead past Dick Barton and never looked back.

Mike Knight, who always runs well at Little Valley, gave chase early after starting fourth and seemed to have something for Miley, but two trips over the cushion in turn two thwarted his effort. The race then became a battle for second, which saw Knight, Barton, Max Blair and, later, fast-timer Keith Barbara go at it for a number of laps, with Blair finally wresting the position from the others on lap 13. While this was going on, Miley was checking out, opening a half-lap lead on the field, which boasted 15 drivers who had feature wins to their credit over the years.

At the line, it was Miley by a huge margin, with Blair second, followed by Barbara, Greg Oakes, who started ninth, and Barton to complete the top five. Only one minor caution occurred, that for a spin on lap five.

The first Duclon Memorial for the BRP Can Am Series was a rough-and-tumble affair, which saw Mike Wonderling, from Scio, edge defending BRP champion John Waters by inches in a race which saw six cautions in the first seven laps, prompting officials to shorten the race to 15 laps from the scheduled 20.

Dave Dubois led the race through the early carnage, with Wonderling, father of three sons who raced or are still racing, Jeremy, Mikey, and Brady, moving up to second from fifth and Waters clawing his way from eighth to third. When they finally got to some serious racing, Wonderling hounded Dubois and slipped into the lead on lap nine, with Waters gaining second on lap 12 to set up the frantic finish following a final caution on lap 13. Waters immediately besieged Wonderling, trying everything he could to make the pass, with some rubbing going on in the process. He actually got outside Wonderling on the backstretch on the final lap, but grazed the wall, slowing a bit. In the end, Wonderling prevailed in a drag race on the front stretch by an almost imperceptible margin.

Dubois settled for third, followed by Mikey Wonderling and Adam DePuy to round out the top five.

Waters, from Whitesville, PA, who was visibly disappointed in the outcome of the BRP event, made up for it with a determined effort in the 20-lap Crate Late Model Feature. Starting seventh, he was on the move early, claiming second after only three laps. Following a lap five caution, he was able to slip under leader Doug Ricotta to claim the lead. Fom there he outdistanced Jeremy Wonderling, who came up from ninth, and Chad Ruhlman, who went off eighth. Brian Knowles and Ricotta completed the top five.

The 20 lap E-Mod Feature came down to a two-man duel between front-row starters Kyle Bedell and Brent Rheberen. Rhebergen got the early advantage, and opened a lead, but Bedell, from Randolph, was able to reel him in and then slip into the lead on lap 16, and then drew away over the final laps. John Woodward, Steve Dixon, and Nathan Hill filled out the top five.

Finally, Woodhull regular Teddy Morseman Jr. from Cameron Mills grabbed the lead from the outside pole at the drop of the green and then repelled a strong challenge from Ted Mascho to capture the 15 lap Street Stock Feature.

Super Late Models: (30 laps) 1. Jared Miley, 2. Max Blair, 3. Keith Barbara, 4. Greg Oakes, 5. Dick Barton, 6. Mike Knight, 7. Tim Fuller, 8. David Scott, 9. Justin Kann, 10. John Lacki, 11. Jason Dupont, 12. Brent Rhebergen, 13. Bump Hedman, 14. Terry Porter, 15. Michael Oakes, 16. Dan Stone, 17. Garrett Krummert, 18. and Dave Norton Jr. Heat winners were Blair and Barbara.

Crate Late Models: (20 laps) 1. John Waters, 2. Jeremy Wonderling, 3. Chad Ruhlman, 4. Brian Knowles, 5. Doug Ricotta, 6. Bryce Davis, 7. David Scott, 8. Adam Sixt, 9. Brad Mesler, 10. John Haggerty, 11. Ward Schell, 12. TJ Downes, 13. Jamie Brown, 14. Kevin Hill, 15. Ike Fanton, 16. Jason Knowles, 17. Mike Knight, 18. Garrett Mott, 19. Bruno Mowrey, 20. Robert Kish, 21. Dustin Waters, 22. Chad Silliman, 23. Derek Frank, and 24. DNS: Justin Smith. Heat Winners were Mesler, Ruhlman, and Davis.

BRP Series: (15 laps) 1. Mike Wonderling, 2. John Waters, 3. Dave Dubois, 4. Mikey Wonderling, 5. Adam DePuy, 6. Jay McConnell, 7. DJ Krug, 8. Jon Rivers, 9. John Zimmerman, 10. Cecil LaBarron, 11. Ron Wilkins, 12. Scooter Pangrazio, 13. Bob Close, 14. Bruce Miller, 15. Jason McGregor, 16. Steve LaBarron, 17. Steve Watson, 18. Wally Wade, 19. Jared Hill. Heat winners were Miller and Mike Wonderling.

E-Mods: (20 laps) 1. Kyle Bedell, 2. Brent Rhebergen, 3. JohnWoodward, 4. Steve Dixon, 5. Nathan Hill, 6. Vic Vena, 7. Dan Sasso, 8. Al Brewer, 9. Jeff Johnson, 10. Dustin Chaddock, 11. Tim Peterson, 12. Karl Ballinger, 13. Steve Samuelson, and 14. Mike McGee. Heat winners were Bedell and Woodward.

Street Stocks: (15 laps) 1. Ted Morseman Jr., 2. Ted Mascho, 3. Andy Michael, 4. Brett Marlatt, 5. Brad Ullman, 6. Joe Chamberlain, 7. Doug Jones, 8. Harold Zimmerman, 9. Rob Stromecki, 10. Don Wolfer, 11. Levi Watson, and 12. Steve Sklar. Heat winners were Mascho and Morseman.