History Made At Eriez Speedway

By Jay Pees

HAMMETT, Pa. – Beautiful holiday weather greeted fans and competitors as they arrived at Eriez Speedway for the annual Memorial Day visit of the Patriot Sprint Tour along with all regular divisions and fireworks.

The evening was punctuated by a flip in the sprint ”’Dash” and a flip in the Challenger feature, both necessitating a red flag. Both drivers were OK. Steve Coons, a track safety responder, was injured in a mishap on a four-wheeler and was transported to a hospital in Erie, treated and released.

History was made as Paige Polyak, from Tiffin, Ohio, became only the second woman to ever win a Patriot Sprint A-Main. Jessica Zemken was the first. And Polyak did it in classic style, taking the lead at the white flag after following three-time winner Scott Kruetter since early in the race.

In regular divisions, Ryan Markham towed in from Ashland, Ohio and closed in on leader Andy Boozel in the final turn and took the lead and the win in the final 100 feet of the race. Matt Latta took the lead just past halfway in the Crate Late Model feature, going on to his first win of the season. Joel Watson (E-Mods), Brandon Groters (Street Stock), and Nate Short (limited Late Models) all repeated their wins from last week, and Matt Marcy won his first Challenger feature of the season.

Patriot Sprint Tour:

Heat 1: Scott Kreatter, Mitch Brown, Paige Polyak, Kyle Drum, Steve Glover, Don Adamczyk, Derek Jonathan, Geoff Quackenbush

Heat 2: Sammy Reakes, Jared Zimbardi, Brad Knab, Dave Just, Dennis Wagner, Steve Collins, Clint Ide, Dan Lorenc

Heat 3: Bryan Howland, Scott Just, Tyler Graves, George Suprick, Darryl Ruggles, CJ Jones, Jake Muench, Steve Zanchin

Dash: Dave Just, Darryl Ruggles, Tyler Graves, Brad Knab, George Suprick, Dennis Wagner

Feature: Paige Polyak, Scott Kruetter, Jared Zimbardi, Dennis Wagner, Kyle Drum, Bryan Howland, Sammy Reakes, Darryl Ruggles, Dave Just, Mitch Brown, Steve Collins, Tyler Graves, Don Adamczyk, CJ Jones, Brad Knab, Clint Ide, Derek Jonathan, Dane Lorenc, George Suprick, Dave Just, Geoff Quackenbush

Jay’s Auto Wrecking Super Late Models:

Heat 1: Chris Hackett, Darrell Bossard, Rich Gardner, Chuck Parker, Tom Merryman, Dutch Davies, Randy Sterling

Heat 2: John Volpe, Ryan Markham, Randy Lobb, Steve Kania, Bob Dorman, Ryan Scott, Chevy Scott

Heat 3: Andy Boozel, Scott Gurdak, Dave Hess, Matt Urban, Mike Bores, Hiram Bachman

Feature: Ryan Markham, Andy Boozel, Dave Hess, Darrell Bossard, John Volpe, Chris Hackett, Rich Gardner, Randy Lobb, Scott Gurdak, Matt Urban, Mike Bores, Steve Kania, Ryan Scott, Bob Dorman, Hiram Bachman, Chuck Parker, Tom Merryman, Dutch Davies, Chevy Scott

Bonnell Collision FASTRAK Crate Late Models:

Heat 1: Matt Latta, Mike Mitchell, Jason Genco, Scott Gurdak, Mark Tatalovic, Chad Schauers, Matt Harvey, Mike Lozowski, Dave Lyon

Heat 2: Bobby Rohrer, Darrell Bossard, Wayne Robertson, Bruce Hordusky, Wendell Pinckney, Chad Wright, Khole Wanzer, Kyle Zimmerman

Feature: Matt Latta, Darrell Bossard, Mike Mitchell, Wayne Robertson, Bobby Rohrer, Kyle Zimmerman, Jason Genco, Scott Gurdak, Matt Harvey, Khole Wanzer, Mike Lozowski, Dave Lyon, Wendell Pinckney, Mark Tatalovic, Bruce Hordusky, Chad Schauers, Chad Wright (DNS)

Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods:

Heat 1: Gary Eicher, Joel Watson, Mike Smith, John Boardman, Bruce Powell, Cubby Haupt, Chuck Frye

Heat 2: Dave Hess, Steve Simon, John Boyd, Butch Southwell, Kurt Thorpe, Rob Middleton, Tom Hagberg

Feature: Joel Watson, Dave Hess, Gary Eicher, John Boardman, Mike Smith, Eric Reinwald, Bruce Powell, Butch Southwell, Steve Simon, Chuck Frye, Kurt Thorpe, Rob Middleton, John Boyd, Cubby Haupt (DNS), Tom Hagberg (DNS)

Conway and O’Malley Limited Late Models:

Heat 1: Nate Short, Pat McGuire, Chris McGuire, Tyler Green, John Cline Jr, Mark Frontera

Heat 2: Ryan Scott, Dan Maxim, Kelly Frederes, Chris Ottaway, John Cline Sr

Feature: Nate Short, Dan Maxim, Chris McGuire, Kelly Frederes, Pat McGuire, Ryan Scott, Chris Ottaway, Mark Frontera, John Cline Jr, John Cline Sr, Tyler Green

Waterford Hotel Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Jeremy Williams, John Phelps, Mark Thompson, Kenny Lamp, Ron Boardman, Eric McCray, Tyler Lyngarkos, Gary Fisher, Geoff Maloney

Heat 2: Jimmy Kennerknecht, Jason Covey, Carl Marcy, Brandon Groters, Wade Watson, Don McGuire, Rob Bates, Eric Harvey

Heat 3: Chris Withers, Eric Paulus, Art Edwards, Kyle Reinwald, Chris Dann, Guy Adams, Ron Johnson

Feature: Brandon Groters, Chris Withers, Eric Paulus, Kenny Lamp, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Carl Marcy, Eric Harvey, Gary Fisher, Tyler Lyngarkos, Mark Thompson, Jeremy Williams, Guy Adams, Chris Dann, Kyle Reinwald, Ron Johnson, Jason Covey, John Phelps, Art Edwards, Ron Boardman, Mark Tatalovic, Rob Bates, Wade Watson (DNS), Don McGuire (DNS), Geoff Maloney (DNS)

Kandy’s Gentlemen’ Challengers:

Heat 1: Justin Boardman, Ryan White, Tom Cupp, Wes Stull, Todd Hanlon, Gary Olson, Kevin Covell, Tom Brightman, Drew Panko, Jesse Phelps, Todd Hanlon

Heat 2: Travis Darling, Cale Sousa, Stephen Enlow, Matt Marcy, Jason Brightman, Andy Proper, Tim Fisher, Joe Beach, Kelsey Parker, Chris Panko

Feature: Matt Marcy, Justin Boardman, Travis Darling, Jason Brightman, Stephen Enlow, Joe Beach, Tom Brightman, Gary Olson, Ryan White, Tom Fisher, Kevin Covell, Andy Proper, Chris Panko, Cale Sousa, Todd Hanlon, Kelsey Parker, Drew Panko, Wes Stull, Tom Cupp, Jesse Phelps (DNS), Steve Morse (DNS)