Everything’s Going To Be Okay

To The Reader’s Forum:

First of all, many apologies for all the typos in a letter I wrote recently. The title of the letter before it was changed at publication was, “To Merge Or Not To Merge.” With that title, the first line about Shakespeare actually made sense.

The piece was typed with precision, and grammatically correct. However, with my tendency to be “old school,” and my desire to give the Post Office some much needed business, I put the letter in an envelope and dropped it in this big blue box. Which I guess meant that it had to be retyped “on site” and not one to point fingers, but things headed south after that.

So with much needed forgiveness from my close-knit group of friends down at the P.O., I have now gone electronic.

With that bit of shameless housekeeping out of the way, let me ask this. Can we all just relax a little on this global warming thing? Or climate change? Whichever we are calling it this week. I’m all for a cleaner planet; who isn’t? And yes the Earth could use a quick “once over.” A little spit and polish, maybe some vacuuming, tighten up a few of those pesky loose planks before somebody gets hurt. But take it easy, soon enough, someone will think of a cleaner way to make the world spin. Until then, we’ll be fine.

I don’t like pollution and littering. My car gets 37 MPG. We’re big on conservation. People who are too lazy to walk to the nearest trash can disgust me as much as anyone. We should all do our part, but come on, can everything be a result of global warming? If it rains for three days followed by two sunny days some folks get really concerned. I call it weather and thank the good Lord for all five days.

“Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high.” So Ian Tyson wrote. It wasn’t a song about climate change.

At times like this I remember the words from my departed old friend William Watson of Nashville, Tenn., “Everything gonna be okay.”

Dan Nelson

Bemus Point